Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dorothy's Baby Brother To Be

At times over the past year we have flirted with the idea of getting Dorothy a new sibling.  We've thought of another Olde English Bulldogge, a Frenchie, a Dachshund, a Pug--but in the end we opted for a Human.  So if all continues to go as planned, in a couple of months or less Dorothy will have the new baby brother she never wanted!

On the plus side, Dorothy loves kids--and I mean loves them.  When she sees a toddler or a kid of any age on the street, she will either lie flat down on the ground so they will come up to her, or she will drag me with all her formidable strength to get over to them.  And once interacting with them, she is surprisingly gentle.  She seems to know not to jump up on the little ones, and loves to hug and kiss the older ones, if their parents allow it.  So in that sense we are lucky--Dorothy is going to have fun with her baby brother.

The one problem we will have is with her jealousy at first.  Dorothy does not like to share her father At All.  She does not even like her father to give me any attention, let alone when he tries to play with the cats.  So there will have to be a few lessons learned once the little guy is around.  I imagine we will be seeing a lot of this face:

Future Dorothy thinking, what's to like?  He cries, he mewls, he poops in the house, 
and I'm pretty sure he has a bad case of demodectic mange:

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