Monday, June 25, 2012

Nomadic Cats, Den-beast Dogge

I have spent most of the past few weeks preparing to move, packing some boxes (although by "packing some boxes" I generally mean watching Sean pack boxes while I sit big-bellied with my feet up), and living in a maze of cardboard.  One thing I've noticed in the midst of all this is how differently the cats and Dorothy approach these changes to our domain.  The cats love all the new configurations!  They love to climb in empty boxes, climb on the packed boxes, climb into empty drawers, and run around the obstacle course which is now the constant state of my living quarters.  For example:

They are all gung ho!  Spirit of adventure!  Ahoy, what have we here?!

Dorothy, on the other hand, does not like the change to the lay-out of her apartment.  In fact, this is what she thinks of all the boxes:

Dorothy thinking, hello? 1-800-BULLDOGGE RESCUE?  Please help.
And by the way, where's my comfy doormat?

She does not know where all her toys are, and she is pretty sure some of her beds are missing (and she's right!  Some beds didn't make the cut....)

The only thing that has bothered the cats so far is when I came home on Friday and pointedly did not feed them their dinner.  Here they are up on their food station thinking I am a total idiot:

I figured it would be best to feed them once we arrived at the new house, to try to avoid car sickness and other unpleasantries.

But what will happen at the new house?  Will the cats find the adventure as thrilling?  Will Dorothy still be a little suspicious about the whole affair?  Stay tuned!

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elisabeth said...

Great photos! I love it when Posy and Plum are in the same photo. The size difference is hilarious. And I always think that Dorothy can't actually do long-suffering any better, and then she tops herself. The pose by the door is classic Dorothy.