Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dorothy Is A Diva. Still.

In case you haven't noticed, Dorothy is a diva.  And as are all divas, she is very demanding.  She thinks she should get full attention whenever she requires it, and sulks when attention is not forthcoming.

Here she is angry at me for trying to read instead of playing with her.  She is sending waves of sulk in my direction:

Dorothy thinking, Mom is mean.

And on Sunday, when I was reading the paper in the morning as I always do, she spent a good two hours somewhat successfully engaging me in games of tug of war, and then resisting the nap that she so clearly needed:

Dorothy thinking, I do NOT need a nap.  My eyes are wide open:

1 comment:

elisabeth said...

That bulldogge face! Roxy basically always looks either sulky or sad. The droopy jowls. The droopy eyes. But then I think she exaggerates the effect by holding her ears in this kind of sad way. But maybe I'm projecting?