Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Paws" Vest

This took me way longer to complete than it should have, but here is the "Paws" vest I just finished for the baby-to-be:

It is from the new "Little Rowan" book, and I made it in the 6-9 month size.  Now I need to get a little white oxford shirt and perhaps some jeans or khakis.  And then, according to Sean, I need to write a little apology note to the kid for when he is older and looks back at pictures of himself.  Hmmpf.

Anyway, one thing I learned while knitting it is that I really prefer the fair isle method over the intarsia method.  I'm sure there is a way of doing intarsia without having to stop every ten stitches or so and untangle all the little balls of yarn hanging down--but I have yet to figure out what that method might be.

Now I'm about to start one more project from that book--a striped sweater called "Jack Horner".  I'm using colors that will make the little guy look like a creamsicle when he is wearing it.  Stay tuned!

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Sean said...

For the record the vest is amazing but Dorothy is wondering where is hers?