Tuesday, June 19, 2012

One Stowaway, Small and Furry

Before we officially move to the new house, we've been driving loads of our belongings that are hard to pack--breakables, mainly.  The other day when we were heading to the house to meet my parents there, I gathered a few bags together of fragile items, and then since it looked like there would be space, I threw a couple of odds and ends into the mix.  I then piled everything into one area in my "kitchen", thus making all three pets nervous at the thought of an impending trip.  I decided to take a picture of Dorothy sitting nervously by the pile of stuff:

But wait!  What is that I spy in the wicker cat basket?!:

It's a wee, furry stowaway trying to be the first pet in the new house!  Not so fast, Posy Fern!  It will be your turn soon enough!

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