Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Choose Your Own Adventure

When Dorothy goes to the park with her father, they play a game called “Choose Your Own Adventure.”  This game, such as it is, consists of Dorothy going wherever in the park she wants to go.  She leads the way, and if she wants to go catty-corner, they go catty-corner.  If she wants to stop and lie down and chew on a stick, that is what they do.  If she wants to go sniff around inside the empty fountain, then sniff she will.  And as her father says, Dorothy likes to choose 4 or 5 adventures, and she likes for them all to “end in a squirrel.”

Of course, the one tiny problem with this game is that when I then take her to the park, I tend to be oblivious of  the course her last adventures took, and then get a little peeved when Dorothy tries to drag me in the fountain, or when she jumps from bench to bench, or cuts across a hedgerow.  I prefer the adventure of walking nicely along the path myself.  Call me stodgy.  

Dorothy thinking, my mom is a smidge stodgy.

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