Wednesday, January 25, 2012


A month or so ago Dorothy became aware of another dimension while walking in Rittenhouse Park.  That actually sounds a lot more science fiction-y than I had intended.  What I mean is:  Dorothy discovered up.

She had acquired a new interest in the park squirrels, but the first few times she chased one to a tree, when it ran up to escape her fierce mandibles, Dorothy would walk around the tree looking for the squirrel on ground level.  Then one day one squirrel ran straight up the trunk without spiraling around it, and Dorothy followed the squirrel’s climb with her keen eyes and craning neck.

And then a whole (high) world blossomed.  She realized that she could search for squirrels up in branches, and birds too!  It was quite a revelation.  And now she often hunts in the great world of the above.  She will also look up a lot as we walk around the city.  Yesterday she became mesmerized by a flag waving in the breeze.  Was it a moment of patriotism, or was she estimating if she could jump high enough to grab it?  I’m not sure—she IS quite a talented jumper.

Dorothy thinking, oh how the squirrels love me!

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