Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bulldogge By-Laws: The Heating Vent

Every once in a while Dorothy starts feeling erudite and will thumb through the Bulldogge By-Laws.  Of course she also likes to make sure that All Is As It Ought and that she is receiving her due.  The other day found her fixated on a passage regarding the heating vents in our living room.  Dorothy was convinced that it said somewhere in the By-Laws that Bulldogges get first dibs on all heating vents, and that if a Bulldogge wants to warm herself on a vent, and a small cat is already there…well then the cat needs to move, plain and simple.

The problem is that Posy does not believe she falls under the jurisdiction of said Bulldogge By-Laws.  And so then this happens:

Dorothy complaining:  it says so in the book, yet still she will not move!

Sometimes they will share the vent, although when this happens, Dorothy will cry every few minutes or so to let me know that Posy has more than her share and by the way life is hard.

After a few minutes of whining, Posy will decide the warmth isn’t worth it and move.  But she does so professing that she is by no means accepting the jurisdiction of those By-Laws.  Exotic Shorthairs, she proclaims, have no unwieldy book of rules.  Rather, they follow one edict which one does not even have to store on a Kindle.  That edict is:  Whatever I am doing is the right thing to do.

Words to live by, from yours truly, Posy Fern.

And Plum’s contribution to this entry is that heating vents may be warm, but they will not scratch your belly.

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