Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One Dog Night

The temperature has been falling in Philadelphia, and I admit to being very glad that Dorothy is in the bed at night. 

The pros for her being there are that she is a little bulldogge furnace and generates a lot of heat.  Plus she likes to spoon.  The cons are that she tends to like to share my side of the bed, and in the morning she likes to hit me with her heavy meathook front arms.  I also tend to wake up with a faceful of paw.  There’s also the snoring, although I really don’t notice that so much anymore.

I’m also happy to say that Dorothy has now reached the age where she is happy to sleep in.  In fact, on weekdays, I tend to have to drag her out of bed once I am already up and dressed.  Here is Dorothy, reluctant to get up on a Monday:

Of course, to be accurate, the title of this entry should really read One Dog and Two Cats Night, for when it is this cold both cats are apt to be in the bed too.  Plum is either where your feet want to be or where your head needs to be:

And Posy is under the covers, so I couldn’t get a picture.  However, she is not under just any covers, mind you.  She is under the first blanket and on top of the second.  Any other configuration just won’t do, and she'll let me know this by repeatedly plucking the covers right by my ear until I lift the correct ones.


elisabethellington said...

Ah yes, I have fond memories of Kitty plucking the covers every night. Now she plucks for my mom. 17 years old, and she is still plucking strong! We normally have about 50 pounds of cat on the bed, and there is simply no room for a dogge. Puck and Xander are both always where the feet want to be.

Elizabeth said...

I'm glad to hear that Ms. Kitty is still with us! I was wondering the other day how she was doing.

And: 50 pounds of cat! Hee hee.