Monday, January 30, 2012

Free Range Dorothy

The last few weeks I have experimented with expanding Dorothy’s daytime parameters a bit.  In the mornings she becomes free range Dorothy, and when I leave for work I do not put her in her crate. 

The first morning I did this I was greeted by both cats when I got home at noon.  They were meowing and seemed agitated, and both let me know that there was something I forgot to do, ahem, cough, someone I forgot to lock up.

And Dorothy herself seemed very glad to see me.  She gave me a fine wiggly greeting, which she usually does not do when I let her out of the crate.

But I’ve continued to leave her out after that day, and all has gone well.  One of the reasons why I chose the morning is because I know she pretty much sleeps soundly for those three hours.  I’m still putting her in the crate for the afternoons.  She’d be fine until around 4:00, I think, upon which she might try to get a cat to play tug of war with her stuffed toys or perhaps a game of chase.

But we are getting there!  Soon Dorothy will be Free Range all the day long.

Free at last, I'm free at last!