Thursday, February 2, 2012

Singing in the Rain

One of us in this household likes to sing in the shower.  Although to say she "sings" is putting it nicely.  Some might call it caterwauling; others, raising an ungodly racket.

I'll be in another room when all of a sudden I hear a loud wailing coming from the bathroom.  A few years ago I would have gone running, but I've learned by now that it is just Miss Posy Fern singing arias in the tub.  Perhaps she likes the resonance of the tiles?  She certainly knows that it is a safe spot--since neither Plum nor Dorothy will follow her into that evil container.

So Posy gets her groove on, while the other family members wince a bit.

Any requests?

1 comment:

Martha said...

Whatever I'm doing is the right thing to do, woman.

You are lucky to be so honored.