Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Speak Softly And...

To Dorothy, there is no greater pleasure than finding a worthy stick.  It is nearly impossible for her to pass by a stick on the sidewalk or ground and not pick it up.  And then, once it is in her mouth, she has no compunction against stopping right where she is in the middle of the sidewalk, lying down, and giving the stick a good gnaw or two.

Her liking for a stick comes in handy when I am trying to walk her back from the dogpark and she goes on a walk strike by flopping over on to her side.  If I can spot a stick nearby while Dorothy is in recline, I can pick it up and carry it just above her jumping reach, and she'll follow me all the way home making repeated circus-dog attempts to hover by my shoulder and grab the stick.

Once we get a few blocks away, I'll usually let her carry it.  Sometimes, she'll find a stick in Rittenhouse and carry it herself, all stick-proud.  Of course, people laugh, especially if the stick is bigger than she is...but Dorothy knows they are just jealous.
Dorothy thinking, you know you want this stick.

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