Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Red-Nosed Dorothy

I had a few ideas this month regarding my pets and the holiday season.  My first idea for Dorothy was to get her a pair of antlers.  And what could be more festive than a pair of red tartan antlers?  I know!!

However, the tartan antlers didn't work out so well.  Dorothy actually fared better with them on her her head than I thought she would.  Strangely enough, she didn't try to rip them off and tear them to pieces within minutes.  She kept trying to see what was on her head, though, so I couldn't get a good picture.  So as you will see below, it looks like Dorothy has someone's old plaid slipper on her head.  And that is hardly festive!

The slipper pictures:

From the foot of Archie Bunker:

Now we get a wee bit more antler-like:

Dorothy singing, O You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch!

So the antlers didn't really work.  Never fear!  I have more holiday pet humiliation to bring your way.  Stay tuned!


elisabeth said...

I thought nobody did long-suffering better than Tulip, but I have to give the edge to Dorothy.

Martha said...

ha! long-suffering! that's too funny. I'm pretty sure Tulip would have been horrified by those antlers. Dorothy seems to WANT to like them, but is having a hard time.

Elizabeth said...

Tulip was better at projecting her long suffering in a subtle fashion. Dorothy, in contrast, is all about the melodrama. You should see her keel over in the street after walking for half a block, and rolling onto her side. It's Oscar-worthy!