Sunday, October 23, 2011


Dorothy's Auntie Martha came to visit for our annual get-together we like to call "Eatapalooza," since the theme of the visit is undoubtedly restaurants, restaurants, and then some more restaurants.

Dorothy wasn't included in the restaurant part of the visit, but she did her best to make her Auntie feel welcome, beginning with her specialty:  lots and lots of bulldogge kisses.

Dorothy is a vigorous kisser, and when the kisses are over, she is a firm believer in the cheek-to-cheek nap:

We tried out a new-ish Philly restaurant, Barbuzzo, on Friday, and it was delicious, except for the fact that I realized I am now officially an Oldster, since it was so dark in the restaurant that I almost could not read the menu.  I had to bring the menu as close to the single wee candle on the table as possible, and even shrugged off the fact that I was dangerously close to setting the menu on fire, since at least then for a brief instant it would have been bright enough for me to read the stupid thing.  Except for this little glitch, the food was spectacular.

On Saturday we went to our favorite Philly restaurant, Buddakan, with Sean and ate ourselves silly.  Our waiter was savvy enough to not point out to me that the chocolate bento box I ordered for dessert was supposed to be for two people and not just one, thus earning himself an ample tip.

We couldn't take Dorothy to the dog park, since she was recovering her equilibrium from an event I'll write about later, but we did walk her often, and Martha thus got to witness Dorothy's penchant for lying down and rolling over on the sidewalk in protest.  Dorothy exhibited her impressive wrestling skills with one of her favorite new friends, a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy named Haimish, and had good times with her aunt, even though from these pictures it looks like all they did was sit on the couch together.

I think Dorothy's favorite part of the visit was spooning with her Auntie in the bed at night and snoring loudly in her ear.  Martha didn't appreciate the snoring, but she did appreciate the warmth that is a cuddly bulldogge in bed.  And then we sent Martha back to Boston covered in multiple dogge and cat hairs!  How considerate of us!

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