Monday, October 31, 2011

Dorothy Unplugged

Since all has been relatively quiet here the past week, and since I decided -- slothfully or frugally, I'm not sure which -- to forego dressing Dorothy up for Halloween (much though I thought she would make a fine nurse, complete with old-fashioned white nurse's cap!), I thought I'd give you all a PG-rated Tour of Dorothy.

Her most obvious feature, of course, is her eyepatch:

Like a pirate's!  Arrgh!

My colleague says Dorothy's eyepatch makes her two dogs for the price of one, and it is the feature that gets her the most compliments as we walk down the street.

Dorothy the white dogge:

Dorothy the chocolate brindle dogge:

But she has a few more fancies up her proverbial sleeve!  She has, for instance, the mountain range on the back of her head:

It looks like Mt. Fuji, no?

She has two decorated ears:  one with a hip vampire bite, and the other with a superpower lightning bolt!

Bite and bolt, flapping as she kisses her auntie:

And then she also has this nifty little Charlie-Brown-sweater pattern zigzag on the top of her butt:

This photo doesn't do it justice.  
Take my word for it:  it's decorative!

My favorite feature of Dorothy's is her bulldogge underbite.  It's hard to get a photo of though, since someone made their iPhone bark at Dorothy once, so now she is understandably a bit wary of cameras.  You can see a bit of it here in this photo:

So there you have it:  the outer package that frames and showcases Dorothy's inner attitude.

Next up:  Dorothy, The Boxed Set.


Sean said...
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Sean said...

Two Scoops Cold!

Martha said...

Ooohh. What did you have to delete? I'm intrigued!

But I came to say that I laughed at the "someone made their iphone bark.." ha!