Sunday, November 30, 2014

Posy's Pedicure

An obsessive cleaner, Posy enjoys any help with grooming I might want to give her…but that doesn’t mean she is going to help me help her, so to speak.  She loves a brushing, for example, but she likes to strut around with her tail held high while receiving the brushing, forcing me to chase after her as I brush.

She also doesn’t mind getting a “pedicure,” and will even purr during the procedure, but will still be at her squirmiest and will keep retracting her lethal talons.  So what we do now is poor Sean gets the unenviable job of holding her, while she tries her best to slice him, and while I try my best to at least get all of the talons clipped on one foot.  And then I tend to get all triumphant and rest on my laurels instead of attempting the rest of the feet shortly thereafter.

The other day, however, I realized Posy’s nails had gotten so long that she was making little clicking noises when she walked.  She already makes enough noises when she moves – from her tendency to narrate what she is doing, and her constant sneezing and snuffling and the forcing of air through microscopic nostrils – so the last thing she needed was more bells and whistles adding to her travels through the house.  Therefore, I asked Sean to hold her at his peril while I clipped some talons, and we did her whole front right foot, including the thumb!  And then the next day we did her two back feet!  So now we only have the front left to go, and then Posy is back to being a stealthy ninja, or at least as stealthy as a smushed-face cat can be.  Pretty Posy!


Elisabeth Ellington said...

We try to clip claws regularly for our girl cats. The boy cats never use their claws, so we rarely bother. But the girls are a menace. (There is a real gender gap among cats in our house in terms of energy level and play vigor level.) Plus, Frances with her extra toes gets snagged on the rug and then starts doing this three-legged hobble across the rug to avoid getting hooked. At least I always know when the nails need clipping! Abby will let you clip her claws while she naps and purrs. Lola is such a spaz, it takes two to hold her. We do something similar with one foot at a time too. Frances also hates having her claws clipped and of course she has so very many....

Elizabeth said...

Elisabeth, do your boy cats' claws not grow into their foot pad then? Or do they keep them shorter with a scratching post? That's the main reason why I attempt to cut Plum and Posy's nails, because they start to grow into their feet if I don't. Now I'm wondering if they should be taking care of this themselves!