Wednesday, November 5, 2014

These Shoes Were Made For Squeaking

Owen only has one pair of sneakers currently, so once it became too cold for him to wear his sandals, I started to look for another pair of shoes for him.  I wouldn’t have thought it would be hard to find just plain shoes that weren’t sneakers, and if Owen were a little girl, I would have had no problem doing so.  But most of the shoes available for boys are all sneakery, and/or way too busy.  I was looking for something plain and brown. 

I was also looking for something that didn’t cost $65.  Of course, I found exactly what I wanted in the $65 range, but that seems like a very high amount to pay for toddler shoes, when said toddler could outgrow the shoe in a month or so.

And then I discovered a company called Wee Squeaks, who made shoes like I was looking for and at very reasonable prices.  Here is what I ordered:

Isn’t it cute?  But wait, there’s more!  All of their shoes come with a squeaker in it, so that when the child takes a step, the shoe squeaks!  I figured this would be either very funny or very annoying, but at any rate, the squeakers can be taken out and put back in, so either way would be fine.

Anyway, they came in the mail yesterday and I put them on Owen and immediately started to giggle:

What had me so amused is that I didn’t think when ordering the shoes that there was someone else in our household who enjoyed a squeak, and that someone is:

Dorothy VERY MUCH wanted to attack and kill both shoes.  Each step Owen took and subsequent squeak the shoes made drove Miss Dorothy absolutely crazy!  We had to order Dorothy to stand down.

I later received a text from Susan saying that she had lasted two hours before taking the squeak out!  Ha!

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Martha said...

What spiffy shoes!!!! I'm not completely sure about the squeak idea.... but that's coming from someone who avoided all those light-up sneakers, too. I like a shoe to be a shoe and not a nightlight.

At least the squeak is handy for knowing where Owen is in the house!