Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Honey Bear

Owen was a bear for Halloween, although he didn’t really understand what it all meant.  By that I mean he did not seem to wonder why on the afternoon of the 31st his parents saw fit to put him in a big bear suit before letting him play in the yard.  He just romped while ignoring the large pillow stomach protruding from his front, and also while ignoring my giggling.  

And he knew that he did not like wearing the hood.

He went trick or treating at a few nearby houses and liked getting candy in his plastic pumpkin.  He also enjoyed all the lit decorations and the spooky soundtracks people had playing.  And then he very much liked moving his candy from one pumpkin to another, and then back again.  

I’d summarize by saying he was amenable, on the whole, and he certainly remains a big fan of the pumpkin.

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