Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Oh Don't You Dare, Cold #4

Although the baby gear market certainly seems glutted, from time to time we come across a gaping hole just waiting for an inventor and some capital.  For example, someone needs to invent: a night diaper that lets you know when your child has pooped in it, so that you don’t have to deal with a false alarm that transitions your child from drowsy to wide awake and the ensuing unpleasant consequences; a v-neck parka for toddlers that don’t have much of a neck and therefore no place for that extra few inches with snap and zippers that act as a built in scarf; and some fool-proof way to confirm that your child has an ear infection, as well as access to antibiotics during off hours.  I’m not asking for very much here, people!  Get busy.

We found ourselves in need of invention number three on Saturday, the majority of which Owen spent inconsolable and whining.  Now we aren’t strangers to the occasional grumpy weekend, so at first we were just oh here we go again about his mood.  But when he woke up from a nap and could not stop this strange shrieking, we realized something was indeed amiss and headed over to the pediatric emergency center.  It was confirmed that Nursery School Cold #3 had given Owen Ear Infection #2 in one of his ears.  Poor Owen whimpered and cuddled in the waiting room, cried “No, thank you, Doctor” while the doctor listened to his front and back with her stethoscope, and then much more happily said, “Bye bye, Doctor!  Have a good week!” on our way out the door.

We are learning the hard way how nasty ear infections are.  Owen basically could not stop crying in the late afternoon, despite his first dose of the pink meds, so we ended up putting him to bed very early at 6:15.  And he did actually sleep until 6:30 the next morning, except for when he woke up at 11 and said in a clear voice, “Oh! Where did Mommy and Daddy go?”  And then a few seconds later, “I wonder what Mommy and Daddy are doing.”  (Hoping against hope you’ll go back to sleep, my son!)

So that was our fun weekend!  Aren’t you envious!  Ear infections and sorrow and then lots and lots of the spring fever episode of Curious George (or as Owen calls it, the one where George RIDES UP IN A BLOON!)  


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