Thursday, December 4, 2014

Snick! Snick!

Owen has needed a haircut for some time now, and I put off trimming it badly myself, since I really wanted a professional to do it.  The last cut Sean and I gave him in the summer was basically a choppy mess, and so we had let it grow until it reached even messier bowlcut proportions like this:

Monkish, no?  So I made an appointment at a nearby barber shop that had good yelp reviews regarding toddler haircuts, yet we set off with much trepidation, as we couldn’t imagine Owen suffering fools gladly while getting his hair fiddled with.  I tried to prep him by talking up the whole encounter and saying that a woman would cut his hair making “Snick! Snick!” noises around his head – and it got to the point where he’d happily join in with the snick snicks!

But I wouldn’t say the haircut went well.  They gave both me and Owen black capes and sat him on my lap facing me, and then the nice hairdresser cut his hair as fast as she could, Owen sobbing all the while and saying, “No thank you!”  She said he was better than some, in that he didn’t hit and kick, so there was that.  But he didn’t keep his head very still either.  We tried to distract him with Peppa Pig on the iPhone, and it later occurred to me that I should have used something sweet as a bribe.  At any rate, we left many sobs and a large tip later, with one handsome haircut!  Here is the result:

And now if you ask him about the haircut, he will rather indignantly say, “I told the lady no thank you!”

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