Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring Cats and a Spring Bulldogge

The trees and flowers are really beginning to bloom here--all the pink trees are erupting and our front yard is filled with flowers.  Many days we have been able to have the windows open, and we're also beginning to use the back porch again.  The pets are enjoying all the change in scenery.  Here is Posy up in a windowsill watching starlings frolic on our roof.  You'll note some sort of weeping pink tree in the background.  It's in our neighbor's yard and is quite lovely.

I also enjoy giggling a bit at Posy's flat profile.  If she tipped her head back, one could rest a coffee mug on her face.  :)

Now here Posy is a few minutes later cleaning all the windowsill dirt off her small person:

Dorothy has started to do a lot of snoozing in her yard.  One of her favorite spots is in the sun on our wee deck.  My pug, Tulip, would have chosen this spot for herself.

Ever a bit strange, Plum has been spending his time in a small, uncomfortable spot on a counter.  Don't ask me why.  He always looks like he is about to roll off.  His butt is wedged in by our microwave, and his head is too close to Owen's bottle rack.

Owen really enjoys spending time out on our front porch (no mosquitoes yet!) and one evening I was sitting out with him and felt like I was being watched.  I turned around and saw this in the doorway:

Plum spying on us!  And then trying to pretend he wasn't doing so.  Ahem.

We have a beautiful tree that takes up most of our front yard that is on the verge of blossoming.  I'm not sure what it is?  Perhaps some kind of cherry?  At any rate, once it is in full flower I plan to  take pictures of Dorothy underneath in a kind of Ferdinand motif.  A bulldogge surrounded by flowers!  How lovely.....

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