Thursday, April 4, 2013

But They Are So Cute and Fluffy!

It is not necessarily easy to love someone else's pets, and combining our two households has not always been smooth sailing.

I find my cats quite lovable, mostly, but this little gal can caterwaul so loudly that the very foundation of this house rattles.

I don't even know what "whisper" means.

And Plum can be even more prickly, what with his penchant for marking Sean's belongings and sharpening his talons on Sean's couch.  Sigh.

I'm pretty sure I heard that couch mocking me.

In general, Sean is a pretty good sport about taking my pets' less appealing antics in stride.  But being a bit of an empath, and oh-so-sensitive, and attuned to all the emotions in this household, I was able to figure out that sometimes my cats really get on his nerves.  

Or maybe it was this arts and crafts of his that clued me in....:

Oh dear.

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