Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Owen's April Outfits

It has taken me a little longer this time to come up with a collection of sartorial photos of Owen.  These days Sean dresses Owen most weekday mornings, so I am not standing there to document the occasion.  Plus although Owen is definitely bursting the seams of his 9-month clothing, he has been able to wear the 12-month outfits for awhile now.  Perhaps his growing is slowing down a bit?  At any rate, here is Owen in a nice skateboard outfit from his Aunt Meredith.  I think he likes it!

And the next three photos are of Owen wearing a newsboy cap purchased by his Aunt Susan.  It is still a little big for him, but nonetheless he seemed quite pleased to have it on his head:

Next Owen is hanging out in a natty striped hoodie from his Aunt Martha.  You'll also notice that he is sporting his first wound on the bridge of his nose.  He acquired this jewel while attempting to crawl on the couch and doing a faceplant on a laptop.

And then we have more pictures of Owen in his "octogenarian dandy" mode.  He usually wears his fedora when he goes on walks in the stroller, and seems quite willing to keep it on his head--at least so far.  Please excuse the mishmash of stripes he is wearing in a lot of these photos.  We had a sudden heat spell -- it went from the fifties to a few days in the high eighties, and then back into the fifties -- and I wasn't quite sure where I had put most of his short-sleeved tops.

And then here is Owen wearing his new Boden overalls from his Granny and Grandfather.  These look very cute on him, plus they button up into shorts, too!

I'm not a big fan of the hot weather myself, but Owen has many adorable summer outfits to wear when it gets warm enough and he gets a tad bigger—all sorts of rompers that I think will look good with fat legs and little brown sandals.  And then of course there is always the idea of Owen in swimming trunks to get one giggling.  Perhaps he is the type who wears a speedo?  Or maybe a turn of the century striped one-piece?  Hmmmm.....

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