Monday, April 8, 2013

Plum: A Follow Up

Since my post a few weeks ago regarding the problems we had been having with Plum--namely his compulsion to "water" all the vertical surfaces in our house -- things have been relatively, well, dry.  We've forbidden both cats to go in the basement, we put up two new litter boxes elsewhere, and we plugged in a Feliway pheromone releaser that is supposed to calm cats and lower their stress levels.

The vet proscribed prozac for Plum, but he couldn't keep the prozac down.  We then tried another med -- something with "calm" in the title -- and that seems to work, except it makes him really groggy so I'm only giving it to him every three or four days.

Last weekend Plum had --I don't want to call them "accidents", as they are done quite on purpose, it seems to me -- two, shall we say, moments of nefarious purpose whereupon he sprayed the pantry door and left a puddle on the kitchen floor.  Irksome, yes.  But we noticed that the Feliway dispenser was empty!  So perhaps the Feliway really is working, if he only began to spray again once it had run out?  I am hopeful, at any rate.

Plum thinking, don't be so sure.

It's my party, and I'll spray if I want to....

Update:  of course about five minutes after I wrote the above entry, Plum went wilding through the house and sprayed in about four different spots, including my bed upon which I was sitting at the time.  The humans were all quite glum about it, but we have decided to just keep trying to get him through his period of stress.  Wish us luck.

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