Monday, April 23, 2012

It Didn't Feel Like A Kiss

One of the tricks that Sean has taught Dorothy is to give a high five upon hearing the high five command.

And here is Dorothy, high-fiving:

I know, I know, it's adorable! Dorothy will high five me when she wants my attention and I'm not giving it to her.  And where does she high five me?  Right. In. The. Face.

And it feels an awful lot like a punch.  :(

I can't wait to see what her next trick will be.


Tammy said...

We just got a puppy from Wicked Good Bulldogges! Our little one is from Gimm and Nancy also! Sophie is 14 weeks and about 19 pounds. Dorothy is adorable.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Tammy! Congratulations on your Sophie! If she is anything like Dorothy, she's a stubborn but sweet dog with a lot of personality! I visited Jess's website often and admired all the new pups. What color is Sophie?