Monday, April 16, 2012

Back Up Slowly and No One Will Get Hurt

Last Saturday my landlord had scheduled to show my apartment to 8 prospective new tenants.  After much cleaning and tidying on my part, I elected to head to the suburbs with Dorothy for the day, so we wouldn't be in the apartment to encroach upon the viewing.

However, I did leave my cats to more or less fend for themselves.  I told Plum to keep an eye on things, since he is a good Watch Brit, and I gave Posy permission to run under the bed and hide if she felt so inclined.

And my landlord tells me that she did feel so inclined for the first few visits.  But then she decided to hold her ground--or rather, hold her spot on the comforter at the end of the bed.  So when people walked into my back bedroom, this is what greeted them:

Back up slowly, or you might lose a digit:

Meanwhile I’m sure Plum was greeting people at the door, all very British Shorthair cat of him—welcome, would you like some earl gray, pip pip, you can sip it while you admire my beauty, etc. etc.:

And here they are at rest on the couch, glad I am back home and tolerating Dorothy's return as well.  Good job, guys!

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