Monday, April 2, 2012

Feeding Time at the Zoo

When I feed my pets in the morning and at night, I go in age order.  First Plum gets his food, then Posy, and finally it is Dorothy’s turn.  I’ve been doing it this way since day one, so Dorothy expects to be the third one allowed up to the buffet, if you will.  And she will usually wait quite patiently for her turn.  Lately, however, something has been occurring that makes her a little edgy, and that something is that while I am dishing out Plum’s food, he gets all happy and has started to include Dorothy in his happiness by rubbing up against her – including putting his tail smack in her face – while he waits. 

Dorothy does NOT know what to make of this.  She has tried reacting in different ways:  she has interpreted it as his strange way of saying “let’s play!” and has crouched down on all fours, amenable, with a bark or two.  She has tried ignoring it and sitting stock still, seemingly intent on pretending that it isn’t happening.  And she has tried edging away from him subtly by side-stepping a few inches in the opposite direction.

None of these options works—by which I mean, none gets Plum to stop invading her space with bushy tail and purr.  Dorothy remains worried that whatever Plum is doing, it will end in him slapping her face with his lilac paw.  Oh help!

Dorothy thinking, oh please, make him stop!

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