Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dorothy Walks In the Burbs

Last Saturday we went to walk on a heritage trail in Bala Cynwyd, PA.  It is basically a paved path where an old railroad track used to be.  It is 1.8 miles both ways and at one point you come to an overlook of Manayunk, which has an old bridge leading to it that people are petitioning to get refurbished.

The first good news about our excursion (once we got over the bad news of going first to the wrong Bala Cynwyd train station and having to retrace our steps), was that Dorothy seemed fine in the car.  She hadn't been in a car since Christmas, and although she cried a tiny bit on the way there, she was fine on all the other legs of the trip and more importantly, did not vomit or void her bowels in the car.  Progress!

She actually did quite well on the walk, too--we never know how Dorothy will react to a walk, but although her leash skills need some upkeep, and she kept trying to stop to eat the plants on the side of the path, she walked 1.8 miles there and 1.8 miles back and didn't drag.

In true Dorothy spirit, she did insist on climbing on anything we passed that was climbable--walls, boulders, etc.  Here she is on a few boulders, her attention on a stick her father has and upon which she would like to gnaw:

Got it!

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