Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bulldogge By-Laws: Drive-By Salad

Last Saturday's trip to Bala Cynwyd for a hike resulted in a lot of Bulldogge By-Laws Referrals and Citations.  When it comes to walking, and the rules of walking, Dorothy just does not take our word for it.  (See picture below).

Anyway, I'm sure faithful readers are all well aware that Dorothy prefers rest over walking.  But we had another issue on our hike, and that is that Dorothy wanted to stop and partake of a good portion of the vegetation around us.  She was a veritable cowwe and pigge!

Which brings us to Article VIII, Section III of the Bulldogge By-Laws:

"While on a hike, a bulldogge is allowed – nay required – to stop as often as she likes, in order to partake of a grass salad.  Any humans on the walk will just have to wait while she eats, and then wait some more while she lies down in the sun to digest."

A colleague at work told me that when a dog eats grass, etc., they are missing something from their diet that a little cottage cheese daily will fix.  Now I would think that when they eat drive-by salad, it would be indicative of missing salad from their diet; but nonetheless, I am experimenting by giving Dorothy a spoonful of Breakstone's in her brekkie.  We shall see how it goes.

Dorothy thinking, My Granny says vegetables are good for me.
And:  would it really hurt you to serve me a side salad with my meal?

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