Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Happy Birthday, Owen!

We decided to celebrate Owen’s birthday a day late on Saturday the 9th this year, so that we wouldn’t be holding the festivities at 6 pm during what can be a toddler’s witching hour.  The plan was that I would bake a cake Friday after work, and ice it during Owen’s nap on Saturday, while Sean went out to get balloons.  And all went as planned.

The napping birthday boy:

Here is the cake, looking a little dumpy since I halved the recipe and only made one black midnight layer.  But while I was willing to halve the cake recipe so that I wouldn’t be the only one eating most of a two-layer layer cake, was I willing to similarly halve the icing recipe?  No, I was not.  In fact I made one and a half times the recipe!  So as you can see, the cake is rather small and the icing rather large.  It was delicious, if I do say so myself:

So Owen came downstairs after we had rid him of his immediate post-nap grumpies, and was greeted by a dining room filled with balloons and gifts and cards and a new bike from the Lawrence family.  Here are some pictures of Owen with the new bike, and still excited by the balloons:

And of course Dorothy had to join in the fun.  She gets very excited about a gift and wants to at the very least partake in the unwrapping.

And then that was all the pictures I took.  Owen was nonchalant about opening the gifts (I don’t suppose that will last much longer), but very excited to play with them once they were opened.  I brought the cake out with lit candles, and Owen knew exactly what to do once we stopped singing (thanks to Peppa pig!) and didn’t need any help blowing out the candles.  He enjoyed his own slice of cake, and then spent many hours playing with his toys.

We are still working on getting him to say that he is two, complete with accompanying fingers, but he mostly does not humor us when we ask him.

Yesterday I brought him for his 2 years’ doctor’s visit, and he was generally quite brave.  He did keep saying, “Bye, doctor!” which was his way of asking the doctor to leave, but he did manage to save most of his crying for during his shots.  He is now in the 21st percentile for height and 73rd for weight--a reverse supermodel. 

I think that was some kind of a remark.


Elisabeth Ellington said...

Happy birthday, Owen! I love that spiffy bike! And I might try his "Bye doctor" technique next time I'm trying to wrap up a conversation with a colleague or a student.

Elizabeth said...

Owen will do that all the time when he wants someone to leave! It's quite rude. Someone will walk up to ooh and ahh over him in the grocery store, for example, and he will say loudly, "Buh bye!" He does that to our neighbor all the time too. A social butterfly he is not (yet).