Thursday, August 11, 2016


Owen:  I think we should move.
Me:  Well, we’d have to get new jobs first.
Owen:  Like shucking corn?
Me: --

 We’ve told Owen stories about our previous pets, my Tulip and Sean’s cat, Kilman.  Of course Owen then wants to meet these pets, so I’ve told him that they had long lives and then died, and then because I am sappy that way, I tell him that they are waiting for us across the rainbow bridge.  Owen finds this very curious and will ask why we can’t go get them.  And then every once in a while he will blurt out, like he did in the car the other day, “Kilman’s dead!  He’s waiting for you on the rainbow bridge!”  Sean enjoyed having this pointed out to him.  J

I realized that I set the scene for a lot of my stories with a “Before you were born and when I lived in an apartment…”  Because now Owen’s stories to me will begin, “Before you were born I lived in a cottage with an ephelant (or some other animal).  He’s dead now, but we used to do such and such.”

I gave Owen two hardboiled eggs for him to peel for me for breakfast the other day.  In the meantime I was getting the pets’ breakfasts and meds ready.  He gave me the first egg peppered here and there with bits of shell.  Then he set to peeling the second.  After a minute or two I heard him mutter something about finding the golden treasure, and then when I looked he handed me the yolk on his outstretched palm.  The white was scattered in bits with the shell.  Oh well!  I ate the golden treasure on its own.

Owen was reading an alphabet book to himself and had reached Q.  There was a picture of a queen, so Owen said, “Q is for queen and…. (Here he paused and thought a bit) …croissant!”  I didn’t correct him.

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Hillary Savoie said...

Hello there! I found your blog when I was searching for a link to a post I'd written about my book. I saw that you had mentioned Around and into the unknown, clicked on your link and found your adorable little boy looking back at me. Loved this story about him finding the yolk! He seems like a delight :) I'm so glad you read Around. I hope you liked it. Best, Hillary