Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Happy Birthday, Owen!

We celebrated Owen’s 4th birthday a day early on Sunday.  I can’t believe he is 4!  Four is a child instead of a toddler.  He’s getting taller and leaner too, and losing the baby pudginess.  I was thinking of how I will miss the feelings of physical ownership that is part of babydom:  he no longer seems completely mine to grab and hug at random; I have to take his feelings into account.  (Although it seems all I have to do is pour myself a cup of coffee and then he is right there wanting to use me as his own personal jungle gym.)

We figured this was perhaps our last year where a family party would suffice, so decided to take advantage of that fact and be very low-key.  We went and got balloons and plates and napkins from our local party store on Saturday, and then on Sunday went to the bakery to pick up Owen’s batman cake.  He wanted a batman cake with roses, and this is the result:

He told several people at the bakery that he was turning 4, but he used to be 3 and next year he’d be 5.  Owen wanted to “set the table” himself, and this is the result of that:

I think he needs a few more table-setting lessons from his Granny!

Sean’s parents and sister Susan – Owen’s beloved Nanny – came over at 2 for cake and presents.  Owen received a batcave and a pirate ship:


And he got a super-Owen costume from Martha and family.  He was proud of it:

Here Super Owen is watching a new Toy Story DVD:

His gift to us was that he was very pleasant all day!  Happy Birthday, Owen!

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