Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Maine 2016

I am back from our lovely two-week vacation visiting my parents in Maine, and to make the transition harder, I have come down with a miserable cold.  Alas and o woe!  But I wanted to include a few photos of what we were up to for two weeks, besides enjoying the incredible view and wishing we could live there.

Owen was up to a lot of berrypicking!  In addition to the cultivated blueberry bushes my parents have in their garden, the rest of their property – not to be outdone – decided to bedeck itself with wild blackberries.  Owen and his Granny went out pretty much daily to pick these berries, both blue and black.  I’d say that was Owen’s favorite part of the trip – being able to make a beeline run to the berry bushes to pick a fresh snack.  Now if only we could get him to eat blueberries at home!

Since we don’t live close to my parents, it is important to me that Owen have time in the summer to get to know his grandparents and vice versa.  My parents were very nice in also spending time with Owen and allowing Sean and I to escape for a walk with a beautiful view that was not accompanying by the refrain of “Carry you me!” that Owen tends to “sing” while on a walk.  Owen did all sorts of chores with his Granny, and artwork, and playing ball outside, and even had a few playdough sessions with his Grandfather.

We took Owen on his first canoe ride, which he enjoyed very much, although we probably could have cut it a bit shorter than we did.  It was a turtle-packed ride, and we even came across six turtles sharing a log in a line with each turtle resting its head on the back of the one in front.

We went to L.L. Bean, ate our weight in lobster, and even went out the five of us to Pemaquid Lobster Pound for dinner one night.  Owen had a grilled cheese.

Owen at L. L. Bean, or as he calls it:
the store with the Giant Boot!

We went swimming often at the beach – cold, but lovely! – and would go to another beach to find some seaglass.  Sean has the best method of finding sea glass, and I was surprised that Owen too was quite good (and quite proud) at spotting a few blue bits here and there.

Sean brought his banjo and got a lot of banjo practicing in, not to mention some good stickers for his banjo case.

Needless to say we are already ready for next year’s visit!

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