Saturday, August 6, 2016

Ooze and Blood, In That Order

Owen's superhero narrative when he plays often involves the villains (or billains, as he calls them) making ooze, which they then use for nefarious purposes.  So when I saw a recipe online for ooze, I thought it would be a good thunderstormy Sunday project.

We mixed elmers glue with water, and then added a mixture of borax (I still don't quite understand what this is, but they sell it at Target) and water.  We added some blue food coloring (not enough, as it turns out), and mixed our ooze in a bowl.  Once it had formed, I was dispatched by Owen to get some of his superhero figures and he sat there and played with them and the ooze in the bowl for a good hour or so.

It lasts for a while too, I'm told, if you keep it in a ziploc baggie.  And the texture, oozy though it is, surprisingly is such that it leads to no mess.

And from ooze we go to blood.  I finally got around to making an appointment at LabCorp for Owen bright and early last week at 7:15, for his two-year old required bloodwork.  Yes, this is two years late, but in my defense, he had bloodwork done at age 22 months, with healthy results, but since it was two months early it doesn't register on vaccine forms.  Anyway, Owen was rather curious about the project, until the moment when the needle went into his arm, poor baby.  He had one phlebotomist holding down the needle arm, and me holding down the other arm while he sat on my lap, but this still left both of his legs free to kick the phlebotomist who was doing the hurting.

I apologized profusely.  Owen was a little worried that he had kicked and kept bringing it up throughout the rest of the day:  "I kicked the nurse."  So I told him not to worry, that his Aunt Martha always kicks the dentist--it's reflexive; she can't help it.  Or so she says!

I rushed off to work after the appointment, and Nanny took Owen for his reward donut at a local bakery.  She sent pictures, and the reward donut looks an awful lot like a cupcake to me!

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