Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Foreman

Owen has this mode he goes into nowadays which Sean calls “The Foreman”.  It’s a bossy mode in which all the lectures we have ever given Owen are turned on us and given back.  I have a hard time keeping a serious face when being lectured by a three year old on how I need to apologize to Dorothy or I need to share or how it isn’t nice to do this and it is wrong to do that.

If he’s really serious he will start enumerating on his outstretched fingers, which is even more hilarious.  And if he’s angry to boot, he’ll say we should call the police and report the infraction to them.  He’s big these days on having the police come and put Sean in jail for teasing.

He also likes to fixate on the fact that Mommy won’t share cake, which is not quite fair, since Mommy not sharing cake means that after he has finished his own piece, I won’t let him partake of mine.  I wouldn’t so much call that “not sharing” as I would “not spoiling” or “not being a pushover.”

I’ve already put in the only pictures I have of The Foreman, but I’ll put two in again:

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