Monday, March 28, 2016

Owen and the Easter Bunny

Owen was a good age this year for the easter-bunny version of easter.  He had no problem believing that a bunny would come and deliver a basket filled with goodies, and then also hide eggs in the backyard for him to find.  He was a little concerned the night before that Dorothy might scare the bunny off, but I convinced him she’d sleep throughout the intrusion.  He was very excited to look out my bedroom window and see the eggs in the yard below.

Here is the day before admiring his dyed eggs.

And here he is on Easter, unpacking his basket, and wearing his easter bonnet:

He then went outside for the egg search:

Later that morning we also constructed our easter bunny cake.  We had made the cake on Saturday so that we could assemble it easily on Sunday.  Owen still loves to help me bake and I’ve more or less gotten used to having him help and then cleaning up the million messes that creates.  For example, he asked if he could turn on the mixer when we had put the butter and cocoa in the bowl, and I said yes, stupidly not realizing that of course he would turn it on to high, and the cocoa would form a small chocolate storm cloud that traversed our kitchen leaving powdery chocolate rain in its wake.  Oops!  Owen exclaimed, “I am wery sorry!  I’m wery sorry!”  But a mess is just a mess.  And look at our cake!

I was pleased with it.  It was made with just one round cake, so we still had the other round cake to decorate and eat in a more dignified manner.  

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