Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Plum These Days

I took Plum with me to the vet this weekend to pick up his clomicalm, and to get his nails clipped.  Plum used to always be very easy about me clipping his nails. He’d lounge back and hand me a paw and let me clip away.  And then after I did all four paws, he’d want to do a gentle reciprocal clipping of my own nails with his teeth.  But lately he has been having none of it, and gets all agitated when I try to give him a mani-pedi.  He has no teeth, so can’t really hurt when he bites, although he certainly does try to clamp down hard.  I just don’t like the drama of it, nor do I like only managing to do one nail at a time, so it seems worthwhile to pay the $16 every now and then and have the vet techs do it themselves.

The other day I saw Plum sitting on the end table in our living room and thought it was picture-worthy.  For here is casual Plum in years past, pre-Owen:

And here he is now: 

Poor Plum Dumbledore!  Let us all take a moment and mourn his lost dignity.

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