Thursday, March 3, 2016

Last Weekend: A Taste Of Spring

We had a forecast this past weekend for a cold Saturday and a warm Sunday, so on Saturday we did indoor things mostly.  We played Hungry Hungry Hippos, although Owen’s way of playing the game is to feed the hippos slowly, marble by marble:

Not for him the competitive feeding frenzy!

We also ran many laps around the dining room table, Owen’s favorite activity, and one which Sean and I do very reluctantly.  Here Owen is wearing a homemade “bad guy” costume:

But Sunday was in the low sixties and sunny and rather glorious, so we spent the majority of the morning and early afternoon out in the yard.  Sean did yard work, I did a tiny bit of yardwork, Dorothy was in heaven chewing on sticks and running hither and yon, and Owen played with his superheroes out of doors, as well as did a bit of raking.

At lunch we had a picnic of bread, cheese, fruit, and cake.  It’s the first time we’ve ever sat out there for such a luncheon, and Owen was very pleased.  In fact, he is still talking about how yesterday was a day for a picnic!

It then of course later on was a day for trains on the porch, which is still a beloved activity, although at the moment the trains spend a lot of time plunging into the dirt in the planter.

Ever since we had very odd seventy-degree weather around Christmas, we’ve had daffodil stalks coming up stubbornly, and I noticed yesterday that a lot of my newly planted tulip bulbs were an inch or two above ground!  We might get a bit of snow on Friday, and hopefully that will not hurt them any.  Fingers crossed.

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