Sunday, May 10, 2015

Several Generations of Haircuts

Owen had not had a haircut since November, during which he was most upset, although came out looking quite handsome at the end.  But his hair was getting shaggy and monklike again:

So on a Sunday, we went to a nearby cuttery and Owen had professional haircut #2.  And it was amazing what a difference six months made!  Owen sat in the chair by himself, and didn't mind the yellow cape they put on, and he kept looking at himself in the mirror while the woman cut his hair, and smiling -- he liked what he saw.  He didn't like the electric clippers she used at the end of the cut to trim above his ears, but until that point he was quite a trooper.

I didn't get a picture of him in the chair, alas!, because I was holding his hand underneath his cape.  But here he is at home immediately afterwards, still enjoying the lollipop they gave him at the shop:

I was moving files from an old filing system into a new cabinet the other day, and came across this picture of me getting my haircut when I was about 2 and a half.  Owen looks like me!

And then I found this picture of my niece, Josie, getting her hair done by a pal.  There's also a resemblance!

At the very least, it works as a kind of diagram of Our Family in Bowl Cuts.

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