Wednesday, May 13, 2015

O Mighty Huntress!

One of us has a lot to sing about!

Last Sunday, I was playing up in my bedroom with Owen, when Miss Posy Fern strutted into the room...holding a mouse!  Ugh!  Owen and I quickly made our escape and called for Sean (one funny thing is that now when Owen sees a bug in the house he'll call, "Sean!" instead of Daddy).  Sean got Posy to drop her trophy and it turned out that she had both caught and killed a poor wee mousie, despite the fact that Posy only has one fang and a couple of other teeth the size of a pinhead.  Not to mention the fact that with all her heavy breathing, she is hardly stealthy!  But catch a mouse she did and she was very, very proud.

Meanwhile, Mr. Missed Opportunity was snoozing in the sunporch while all the carnage was occurring.  Embarrassing!

I let Posy catch this one to boost her confidence:

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