Sunday, May 31, 2015

All Aboard

We decided that at long last we would take Owen – a train lover – on his very first train ride, and then we made the mistake of telling him this a few days before the ride.  It turns out that toddlers, like pug dogs, do not understand the future tense.  And Owen apparently thinks “tomorrow” means in a few minutes.  So there was much anticipation for the trip, yet also a bit of angst and tears.

Sunday finally arrived, however, and we went to the station to take the train into center city Philadelphia.  Owen was very excited, and very cute on the train.  He sat in between us and observed away.  He was a little upset when the conductor took Sean’s ticket, and this resulted in multiple exclamations for the rest of the ride about how “The doctor took my ticket!”  So we wizened up on the way back and had Owen give the ticket to the conductor, so he wouldn’t feel like he was being robbed.

Once in the city we kept the activities to a minimum, and first had a cookie at Reading Terminal Market:

And then we walked a mile or so to a playground, where Owen had a good time swinging and going on a rope merry-go-round.

It was a short morning excursion but a good one!  Owen is ready for his next commute.

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