Thursday, May 21, 2015


Over the past few months, Owen’s language skills have really accelerated.  He talks non-stop, from the minute he wakes up in the morning to a good hour after we put him into bed.  He’s really funny too – or at least his parents and nanny find him so!  J

He’s not so much a “Why?” kid (at least not yet).  His questions are “What’s that?” and “What are you doing?” And answering either of those questions will not get him to stop asking, especially if we are doing something new – then he wants to hear the answer over and over.

He makes his toys talk to each other too, and will often force us to hold a toy and engage in play conversation (my friend calls this kind of interaction “floorplay”). 

We’ve started toilet training, and whenever we ask Owen if he has to go to the potty, he immediately exclaims, “I cahn’t and I won’t!”  (For some reason, perhaps Peppa Pig or Thomas,, Owen says “can’t” with an English accent.)  I have taken to replying “You must and you shall!”  So it sounds a lot like a Victorian soap opera in our house.

I was putting on Owen’s jacket yesterday and it was his yellow one which he hadn’t worn in a while.  He looked down at it and said,  “Oh!  It’s Yellow Owen!”  Then later when we were outside he started to run and said, “Yellow Owen Running!”  And for the rest of the day it was all Yellow Owen this and Yellow Owen that.

After a long day of Owen care, Sean went upstairs for 15 minutes of peace and quiet before Owen’s bathtime.  When Owen asked where Daddy was, and I told him, Owen queried, “Can I go up and have some peace and quiet too?”  I told him no, that would defeat the purpose.

The other day when I went in to get Owen out of his crib in the morning:
Owen:  Mommy was that you coughing in your room?
Me:  Yes
Owen:  Oh.  That was scary!
Me: --

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