Thursday, August 22, 2013

Snoozing in the Park with Owen

It was so hot here that for awhile we didn't take Owen to the park.  There's no shade in the park and standing in the hot sun by playground equipment on a ninety degree day has no appeal.

But then it got cool again--and the first time Susan took Owen to the park in a long time he squealed with glee when he saw where they were.  (Note he's wearing long sleeves in most of these photos!  It was that cool!)

Sean and I also took him to the park on the weekend, and he was still pleased to be there:

But after a few trips, perhaps the novelty wore off?  Add to that the fact that Owen is in the process of giving up his morning nap, and well, this is what happened the next few times he went to the park:

He kept falling asleep on the swings!  And then staying asleep when Susan would lift him out and put him on a blanket!

He even fell asleep on the seat swings too!

Apparently it is hard work being Owen!

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