Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy Birthday, Owen!

Owen turned 1 on Thursday, but we decided to wait until Saturday to celebrate.  We also decided to more or less forego a party.  Neither of us are big party people, and we figured why go all out when Owen was too young to appreciate or remember it?  We'll do more next year when he is a little more sentient.

But I did make a cake for Owen from scratch, using the yellow birthday cake recipe from Smitten Kitchen and then my own recipe for chocolate buttercream frosting.  It was quite good on the whole, although the cake is really of the hearty variety rather than the light and fluffy.

Owen definitely liked the piece of cake we gave him, although truthfully he seemed more excited about the fact that we gave him control of his utensil with which to eat the cake, than the taste of the cake itself.

He wasn't too excited about the Elmo birthday hat we put on his head, although he did later enjoy drinking from an Elmo cup with his own two hands.

We also got some balloons from a party store and he liked them very much.  He sees balloons weekly in the grocery store and gets very excited about them, exclaiming BUH! whenever he sees one.  He seemed impressed anew each time he went into the dining room and saw the balloons again.  I don't think he had realized that one could have balloons in one's very own house.

Of course, the cats were rather impressed with the balloons as well, along with the dangling string that was attached to them.

Owen's Aunt Susan came to celebrate with us, and as always, Owen was very happy to see her:

After the cake, Owen opened and played with his many gifts.  He's at the age, too, where he just wants to focus on the present he opened, rather than put it aside to look at the other gifts still to be opened.  He also very much likes to look at the birthday cards which we put on the mantel.  He enjoys having us walk slowly in front of them and comment on each one.  Then at the very end he opens the one with the song inside from Aunt Joyce and Uncle Bob and we both do a little dance.

Happy first birthday, Owen!

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Elisabeth said...

Happy birthday to Owen! It's been soooo long since I've baked a cake. That one looks very fine. Loved the Plum sighting too.