Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Base Camp, Etc.

One of Owen's favorite things to do these days is crawl up the stairs.  He will do it as often as we let him, and that is pretty often, even though it is rather boring following closely behind him.  It is good exercise for him though, and he is very proud when he reaches the landing, or as I like to call it, base camp.  Here he is tra la la-ing up the stairs with Sean close behind him:

He likes to make snide physical comments on our housekeeping by picking up any stray piece of lint or pet fur that he finds on a step.

Another thing that Owen enjoys doing these days is hiding and playing peekaboo.  To put it mildly, when he hides, Owen is not very hard to find.  Case in point:

His favorite hiding place is to put a pillow in front of his face.

He definitely seems to understand most of what we say to him, even though his language still consists mostly of variations of buh and duh.  He will get frustrated with us when we say "no" to something that he wants to do, and he will often wave his arms in anger.

He's also eating his weight in watermelon weekly, along with all sorts of other fruits:  peaches, kiwis, grapes, etc.  He likes a cheese sandwich too, but isn't so sure about vegetables that aren't in puree form. We need to work on that.

Owen has also given up his morning nap, mostly, which is sort of a pain, since he gets cranky without one.  On the weekends I still will put him in his crib and give it a try, as one never knows if he will sleep or not.  And then when he does sleep, I do a little dance.

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