Sunday, August 4, 2013

Petless Manor

The other day Sean was somewhat grumpily picturing a future when Bulldogge Manor becomes Petless Manor.  That is because four days out of five we come downstairs and find that one or other of our three pets have vomited somewhere during the night.  Or coughed up a furball.  There always seems to be something temporarily wrong with Dorothy or the cats, and sometimes, what with full-time jobs and a baby, it can all seem a bit much.

So I thought I’d shift the focus away from our pets this entry and instead give you a picture of Dorothy’s very dashing Texas cousin, Kramer!  Here’s Kramer loving the USA at a Independence Day parade:

 Now that’s a handsome beast!

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Elisabeth said...

Ha! Ryan always says that if all cats were like Puck & Xander (one of whom can pretty much be guaranteed to throw up daily--invariably on a rug or the computer or the bottom of the tv), we wouldn't have cats. Add in the Mystery Pee-er (Abby? Xander? WHO IS IT?!) and you really have a strong argument for Petless Manor. Of course, then there is Frances. Who makes a strong case for the other side.