Tuesday, March 5, 2013


This will be a flotsam and jetsam type post, since putting together something more cohesive would require brainpower which I don't have at the moment, plus maybe some caffeine...and there's a Posy on my lap.  If I put Posy on the floor, she is fully capable of marching into the dining room in which Owen is sleeping and making a ruckus.  And that would end in tears--both mine and Owen's.  So in the spirit of where I am right now--which is feeling like I have a million things to do which don't get done and what does get done gets done shoddily--here is a camera dump of sorts!

Here is the little wench in a cat trap placed stealthily on the floor:

And here is a solemn Owen out shopping with his Aunt Susan, and refusing to get in the spirit of the upcoming holiday.  And really, when you can't partake in a chocolate rabbit because of your tender age, what is the point in acting festive?!

Taking advantage of a rare warm day and "enjoying" the porch swing.  As Sean said, there goes the neighborhood.

Who doesn't appreciate a good tub shot?  His rubber ducky is not in the picture but you can be sure it is right nearby.

We have taken to watching re-runs of Star Trek: TNG, and have thus gotten Owen addicted to the theme song.  The picture below is the face he makes when he hears Patrick Stewart intone, SPACE.  THE FINAL FRONTIER....  Yes, we have us a geeklet!

And then when the trumpets come in and start playing the fanfare:

Owen can now sit on his own, although he is still a bit tippy.  His granny wanted to see a picture of his skillz, and below are two of my attempts.  In one he is teething (he is getting twin teeth on the bottom!) and in the other he is falling over.  Oops!  He's still working on using his teletubby hindquarters as ballast.

And finally, here is Owen not very much enjoying his second encounter with pureed meat.

But then he saw Aunt Susan's camera and decided to ham it up!

Next time swallow the poultry first, Owen.

No pictures of Dorothy in this camera dump!  And she has been such a good girl too.  I promise some Dorothy pictures in near future entries!

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