Sunday, March 24, 2013

Catsam and Jetsam

I promised a Dorothy post a while back, but I don't have one yet!  This is more or less because everything is calm on the bulldogge front.  She's taking zyrtec, which is keeping her skin allergies at bay, and she spends her days glued to Sean's side, happily following him about and hoping he will take her into the yard for a good play session.

But a few cat moments!  First, the other day I went looking for my book and found Posy using it as a pillow.  I DID remove it from under her chin, but it was a frightening undertaking, believe you me.

Posy thinking, it's your choice, your book or keeping all your digits....

Plum has been seeking out new man-caves worthy of his rest.  At the moment he enjoys both hall closets, and can often be found in whichever one has the door left ajar:

For my birthday a month ago, I received two glittery things for the sunny window on our landing:  a little green glass bird from my friend, Megan, and a prism from my parents:

I haven't figured out how to get a good picture of them yet, but the prism sends rainbows everywhere, which both cats enjoy trying to catch.  Here is Posy after such a rainbow hunting session:  exhausted after not finding a pot of gold, she has decided to just rest in the sun instead.

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