Monday, March 11, 2013

Owen in Rowan

At very long last, I finished the sweater I started knitting for Owen a few months before he was born.  It is from Rowan's "Little Rowan" book and is the "Jack Horner" pattern made from their Siena 4-Ply yarn.  I'm a big fan of Rowan patterns and yarn, and about 75% of the sweaters I knit are Rowan patterns.  But I didn't really like the Siena 4-Ply yarn.  It reminded me of kitchen string.  And so I had a bit of a hissy fit stand-off with myself, not letting me start a new project until this one was done, and then not doing any knitting on this one either.  Not that I've had much knitting time anyway.

Luckily when I started the sweater I chose to do the 9-12 month size; and it is a rather large 9-12 month size, so it is still on the big side for Owen.

Here is the finished product:

The sample in the pattern book used cream colored yarn with blue stripes and red piping at the neck and waistband.  I used the same cream but then did light orange stripes with darker orange piping.  I figured Owen could look like a creamsicle while wearing it.  And he rather does.

Here is Owen modeling his new sweater:

Perhaps a bit wide in the neck, but otherwise respectable enough!  And now I can choose a new project from my obscenely long queue!

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