Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Nap Corral at the Elusive Z Ranch

We have just started sleep training Owen, which I might write about later if it works.  (If it doesn't work, I'll be too tired and grumpy to write).  We are working on his bedtime routine first, and then hopefully the nap routines will follow suit.  In the meantime, however, when Owen is napping or falling asleep, the one of us who is not praying to the sleep gods with Owen can often be found wrangling the pets.  This is because our pets seem to like nothing more than doing something loudly right where Owen is napping--like barking at the mailman coughdorothycough, singing arias coughposycough, or running like an elephant back and forth by Owen's head coughplumcough.

So sometimes I will corral all four-legged critters into one room, like so:

All three varmints are up on the bed with me engaged in some kind of forced snooze or other.  I think this particular nap lasted over an hour, and ended naturally.  A success!

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